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Programmable Stepper Drives with Modbus-RTU Filedbus


Programmable Stepper Drives with Modbus-RTU Filedbus

    The drives belonging to the DS5x series are provided with fieldbus in standard Modbus-RTU
    The available interfaces allow the connection in RS232, RS485 and USB
Up to 247 different drives, even of different power size, can be connected to the same bus and can be addressed singularly or with global commands (executed at the same time by all drives connected to the fieldbus). 

    The DS5x drives, realized with the newest digital technologies, offer high performances without compromises. With a resolution at 1/128 of step(equivalent to 25,600 step/rev with a 1.8° motor) they can drive the motor up to 3,000rpm allowing in many cases to substitute very expensive servo systems. 

    The product range is complete and allow to choose amongst products withsupply voltage from 20Vdc up to 240Vdc and phase current from 0.8Arms up to 10Arms (corresponding to more than 14Apk). 

    The extremely compact dimensions reach a maximum size of just 35x100x120mm. 

    The removable terminal blocks and the easy installation on DIN railcontribute to make the DS5x drives series the ideal choice for the modern industrial automation requirements. 
    The driver can work both in speed and position control mode and it is also possible to pass dynamically from a mode to the other, even with the motor rotating, without loss of step
    The speed and/or position set point can be changed at any time, without having to wait for the completion of the previous movement. It is possible to do the same also with the acceleration and deceleration parameters as the powerful built-in algorithm recalculate in real time the new motor trajectory at each variation of the motion parameters. 
    The DS5x drives series maintain the same programming characteristics as the DS30 series with assigning functions, conditional jump, mathematic calculation at 32bit, etc. Furthermore the products is particularly flexible thanks to the complete I/O resources and to the possibility to freely declare variables from 8bit up to 32bit of length. Many application can be realized using the only DS5x drives and avoiding the complexity and the costs associated with the external controllers (PLC, etc.). 

    The programming is simple and intuitive thanks to the UDP Commander software. The software, besides assisting the user in the program writing, offers powerful debug functionality which are a valuable help in the application development. The debug tools allow for example to monitor the program flow or to modify its execution, to insert break points, to visualize in real time the value of the registers and of the user’s variables and it is also possible to manually modify their value, even with the program in execution. 
Inputs and outputs
    The I/O resouces is complete and include digital inputs and outputs, +/-10V analog inputs and an0-10V analog output with short-circuit protection. The range of the digital inputs is very wide (from 3Vdc up to 30Vdc) and can be indifferently driven at 5V, 12V o 24V without the need of external resistors. For each input both connections are available making possible to realize NPN, PNP or mixed connections. Furthermore the digital inputs are designed to be driven by line driver balanced outputs. 
Current control and protections
    The motor phase current is precisely controlled through a proprietary algorithm which also grants a low heat dissipation both on the driver and the motor. The automatic current reduction and the dynamic control are a further help to maintain low the running temperature also in heavy applications. 

    The drives are protected against short circuit, over and under voltage and against overheating (thermal protection). An innovative function detect the break motor phase condition helping to avoid positioning errors even before the motor starts to move.


Programmable microstepping driver with Modbus-RTU filedbus 4Arms (5.6Apk) 50Vdc
Programmable microstepping driver with Modbus-RTU filedbus 8Arms (11.3Apk) 50Vdc

Programmable microstepping driver with Modbus-RTU filedbus 3Arms (4.2Apk) 90Vdc

Programmable microstepping driver with Modbus-RTU filedbus 6Arms (8.5Apk) 90Vdc

Programmable microstepping driver with Modbus-RTU filedbus 10Arms (14.1Apk) 90Vdc
Programmable microstepping driver with Modbus-RTU filedbus 4Arms (5.6Apk) 160Vdc
Programmable microstepping driver with Modbus-RTU filedbus 8,5Arms (12Apk) 160Vdc
Programmable microstepping driver with Modbus-RTU filedbus 10Arms (14.1Apk) 240Vdc


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