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Programmable Stepper Drives


Programmable Stepper Drives

    The smart microstepping drives of the DS30 series are the right choice for all those applications which need an accurate motor control both in speed and position. 

    The built-in indexer is fully programmable by the user through easy and intuitive functional blocks. 
    The programming is made through the free software UDP Commanderputting in sequence the various functional blocks. The graphic interface always assists the user in the application program writing. Besides the classic assignment and jump blocks (conditional and unconditional) there are also 32bits mathematic blocks which give to the product a great flexibility. The mathematic operations may be done on the internal registers as well as on the user application specific variables which can be freely created with a length of 1 byte, 2 bytes, 3 bytes or 4 bytes. 

    The debug tools are complete and allow to insert break points into the program, to advance instruction by instruction, to monitor in real time the value of variables and registers, etc. 

    Before being loaded into the driver, the user program is compiled for memory optimization which is such to allow the realization of even complex applications using not more than the 20% of the available program memory space. 

    The motion controller inside the driver is very powerful and allows to dynamically change each motion parameter, such for example the speed or the movement destination, also with the motor in rotation without loss of step or discontinuity movements. The program is never suspended waiting for the motor to complete the positioning and it is possible to pass at any moment from a position to the next one without having to wait for the motor stop. The changes on the fly of position or speed are always made within the set acceleration and deceleration ramps set, which can be also dynamically changed and be different among them. 

    The technology inside any DS30 programmable driver allows to command the motor at high speed always at 1/128 positioning resolution step, going beyond the limits of many products which penalize the motor speed at the increasing of the positioning resolution. 

    The set of I/O is complete and includes also analog inputs and outputs which can be used, for example, to control the motor position or speed. Through the programming the analog inputs can also be used to change temporizations, to select different operating modes, etc. It is also possible to use an analog input to realize an electric axis or as position feedback or to realize a closed loop system. In this way the microstepping driver acts in self-adjustment mode to execute, for example, a dosage, to regulate a flow, etc. 

    Also the digital inputs can be used as a feedback to verify, for example, the real motor rotation through a simply proximity instead of an expensive encoder. 

    The DS30 programmable drives are widely used in many applications such as automatic stores, cutting machines, pallet machines, labelling machines, electric cylinders, bend guides, automatic dispenser, linear axis, rotating and serigraphic tables , etc. The complete set of I/O and the powerful programming tools available, in many cases allow to realize application with the only driver, without the need of PLC or dedicated control boards. 

    The power range covers applications of few watts up to 1500W with current from 0.8Arms to 10Arms and voltage from 20Vdc up more than 240Vdc.




Programmable microstepping driver 4Arms (5.6Apk) 50Vdc


Programmable microstepping driver 8Arms (11.3Apk) 50Vdc


Programmable microstepping driver 3Arms (4.2Apk) 90Vdc


Programmable microstepping driver 6Arms (8.5Apk) 90Vdc


Programmable microstepping driver 10Arms (14.1Apk) 90Vdc


Programmable microstepping driver 4Arms (5.6Apk) 160Vdc


Programmable microstepping driver 8,5Arms (12Apk) 160Vdc


Programmable microstepping driver 10Arms (14.1Apk) 240Vdc


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